Letters from home

14 Aug

When your sweetheart is traveling for business, make no mistake about it…THEY MISS HOME. I speak from experience.  There is nothing like finding love notes from your loved ones in your luggage.  Do it. Overdo it. You will send a smile miles away…who doesn’t want to do that?

I like to include pics  (from Groovebook prints) and funny sayings.  Please, ladies and gents, don’t say things like “come home, I need help around the house” because that’s just rude. ‚ėļ

Say things like, “We miss your smile around the house…hope you rock that presentation!”  

My last note (usually a Friday morning) is always the shortest.  Literally it usually says…COME HOME AND KISS ME….or GET YOUR SWEET CALVES HOME…  

You get the point. And so will your sweetie. ūüėć

Cleaning or Cleansing?

1 Aug

Since we moved into our home three years ago, we were blessed to hire someone to clean it. ¬†I honestly don’t know that I have ever deep cleaned the house until after I retired on 7/15. ¬†I seriously forgot how satisfying it is to see something dirty and make it clean. ¬†To have the vacuum lines…the clean counters… ¬†Maybe I’m OCD more than I admit. ¬†I love the fact that I can declutter and rearrange and my hubby comes home and notices. ¬†Silly little things but in this season of sickness for my life, it is very rewarding to have something – anything, to feel that I have a little control over.

Hello out there!

23 Jun

I cannot believe how long it’s been since I have blogged. ¬†It always seems like it was “not that long ago” but then I look and cannot believe the time that has passed.

I guess when you are busy living life sometimes jotting down your thoughts, ideas and opinions just doesn’t seem so important. ¬†I can assure you though that since I last blogged I have still had thoughts, ideas and opinions…trust me! ¬†:) ¬†I just didn’t share them! ¬†Shame on me!

I do find blogging therapeutic. ¬†That’s why I really don’t worry about readers or stats or metrics. ¬†I just enjoy typing things out….going back over them…remembering.

Consider yourself warned.  Blogs are coming.

Stopping by Food Lion on a Sunday Morning….

23 Jun

Today I stopped in at Food Lion on my way to Sunday School. Reason? I just feel like where two or more kids are gathered……you need Goldfish! ¬†:) ¬†While I was searching for these snacks that smile back…and I mean searching as I’m a Lowe’s Foods fan…I keep running into a family of four. ¬†Two kids under the age of 8, Mom, Dad. ¬†Dad is pretty upset at the meat selection at Food Lion and apparently wants the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker to all hear his dismay. ¬†He is using every cuss word I’ve ever heard and certainly isn’t being shy about it. ¬†The thing is…no one is really around from Food Lion. ¬†He’s really just sort of complaining to his family. ¬†His wife and kids are barely paying attention to him but he still goes on and on about the prices, selection and anything else that he feels entitled to.

I’m seriously embarrassed for this family but they look SO unaffected. ¬†I found it so sad that this was their normal. ¬†What if¬†Dad creating a scene and cussing like a sailor was a usual Sunday morning for this family? ¬†I tried to avoid them as much as possible. ¬†However, I kept running into them. ¬†Goldfish aisle. ¬†Water endcap. ¬†Frozen section. ¬†And then, it happened. ¬†He cussed, right in front of me…as I was in between him and his family for a split second. ¬†He was STILL cussing about meat, mind you…not ME…but he looks straight at me and says, “Oh, pardon my language, ma’am.” ¬†I nodded and moved on but clearly I haven’t forgotten it. ¬†It just affected me so much that this man apologized to me…but certainly not to his kids or his own bride. ¬†(I’m assuming they were married, by the way.) ¬†The fact that he took the time to excuse himself to a perfect stranger, yet found it completely okay to act that way in front of his little children just baffled me. ¬†I wanted to scream at him, “don’t apologize to ME, how about telling your kids you are sorry you can’t contain your anger? how about telling your wife that you are sorry for embarrassing her in public?” ¬†Of course, I did not do those things. ¬†I didn’t say those things. ¬†I wanted to…and I still wish I’d said something…but to be honest I have no idea how this man would have reacted. ¬†Instead, I prayed for them. ¬†All of them. ¬†I get that this act that I saw might seem like no big deal to most people but it stuck with me, stayed with me and I can’t shake it. ¬†I feel like when God puts things like that on your mind, there is a reason. ¬†Maybe they are going through something and need the prayer especially today. ¬†I’d like to think there is a reason…but even if there’s not…I’ll be praying for the Apologetic Sailor for a while and his family too.

Change is good (Period. Exclamation! Question Mark?)

18 Jan

I don’t know if the title of my post is a question, a statement, or a cry. ¬†Sometimes you think you want or need change and it’s awesome. ¬†It’s just what the soul needed. ¬†Sometimes you don’t expect it and there it is – BOOM. ¬†It hurts, it’s awkward…it makes your insides ache. ¬†Sometimes it just is. ¬†It happens and you’re not happy or sad about it. ¬†You just roll with it and move on.

So many people tackle the “new year” with such fervor. ¬†Such hope and joy and expectations galore. ¬†I just wish I could sit down with a large percentage of them and just ask some questions…why now? what have you been waiting on? what is different on January 1st that couldn’t have started June 2nd or September 6th or May 9th? is there some magical reset that takes place with the tossing of a calendar?

I think we all know that’s absurd. As adults we know that we can start fresh anytime. ¬†We can turn away from the past and move on to a new path. ¬†As a Christian, I know that I MUST turn away. ¬†When you ask for forgiveness, you do so with repentance. ¬†To turn away from the old. ¬†That means you STOP doing that thing that you are asking forgiveness for. ¬†Boy, if teenagers REPENTED to their parents wouldn’t life be simple? ¬†If your husband REPENTED, would you not have a happier home? ¬†So, what stops us? ¬†Being human? ¬†Being weak? ¬†Being sinners? ¬†I am so convicted this week about this. ¬†I am so convicted about having a pure home. ¬†I want this for my children. ¬†I don’t wish to shelter them, no…but I do wish to have my heart softened. ¬†To not make excuses. ¬†To want the best for them. ¬†To want what God wants for them. ¬†To know it’s possible. ¬†To pray for it. ¬†To ache for that. ¬†To remember…Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ¬†who strengthens me.” ¬†It doesn’t say I can TRY…it says I CAN.

If you are reading this and aren’t saved, don’t know what it is to be a Christian or don’t know how to ask Jesus into your heart – please do reach out. ¬†I’d love to talk to you and answer any questions you might have. ¬†My email is mrsjmejones@gmail.com. ¬†

What MJ Wore ~ Week of Nov 18

18 Jan

My girl is growing up so fast!!!


What MJ Wore ~ Week of Nov 11

18 Jan

I’m catching up here! ¬†Life can get so crazy at times, huh? ¬†So blessed to have the crazy though. ¬†It means we’re happy and moving and shaking and loving life!! ¬†Here the princess, week of Nov 11…


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